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V3 Self Recovery System (Black)

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Our V3 Self Recovery Systems features a heavy duty stainless steel anchoring hook on one end and a clasp style hook on the other for easier attachment. It's built with thicker 1/8" shock cord that provides over 4 pounds of pull for those larger or heavier vehicles. We only use made in the USA kinetic shock cord for our self recovery systems.

  • The 16" version allows you to easily carry the strap on the truck by attaching the small clevis hook to the front bumper d-ring, going over the body and then securing the multi hook to the rear bumper. This is the easiest to mount to the vehicle. Can be mounted backwards for rear pulls.

Our V3 Self Recovery Systems will help to recover your truck from mild stucks and hang ups without any additional assistance. You will find that our self recovery systems will get you out of 90% of your bad and tricky situations much quicker than using a traditional electric winch which is great during time based competitions. Watch the video below to see our V3 SRS in action.

To use, simply stretch out the self recovery system and attach the hook to a solid anchor point. The kinetic shock cord will apply over 4 pounds of additional pulling force at full stretch to help recover your vehicle. Works great paired up with one of our Multi Anchor Points to ensure you always have a solid anchoring point even in loose soil.

  • EASIER RECOVERIES - Our Kinetic Self Recovery System applies up to 4 pounds of additional pulling force at full stretch making recoveries faster and easier than using an electric winch. They feature a quick connecting heavy duty metal hook on the vehicle end and our stainless steel multi hook on the other end saving you time when setting up for your recovery. 
  • BUILT TO LAST - Our straps are built using a high quality made in the USA 1/8” shock cord with heavy duty metal hooks on both ends for the ultimate in strength. Our durable construction method uses only mechanical fastening so there's no glued connections to fail.
  • MULTIPLE USES - Our Self Recovery System can also be used for vehicle to vehicle recovery, or with an anchor point for side hill situations to keep from rolling or sliding into a gate marker. Also works great for down hills when there’s a chance of nose over rolls. It’s a fast and easy way to add stability to your vehicle and the stretchable design of our straps allows for much more flexibility over rigid straps. You will quickly find it to be one of the handiest tools in your arsenal. 
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - We build our straps to last a lifetime but if our strap ever let you down for any reason we'll replace it. You can feel confident in using our products.  


Flying Object Warning: The hook is under tension and can recoil back towards the vehicle if the anchor point is not solid causing possible injury. Please keep away from children, or only allow them to use under adult supervision