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Multi Anchor System (Neon Orange)

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Introducing our kinetic Multi Anchor System featuring a heavy duty large metal clasp hook on the end of our 12" Kinetic shock cord for quick and solid attachment. It's built using made in the USA shock cord to handle the abuse of repeated pulls from other vehicles assisting with the recovery. Our kinetic shock cord applies up to 3 pounds of additional pulling force at full stretch making recoveries faster with less stress on the vehicles. You can double it back for a more secure anchor point or to double the pulling power. The Tri-Blade design of the ground spike holds secure in loose soil and sand making for a solid anchor point for winching from as well. 

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Our Kinetic Multi Anchor System features USA made 1/8” shock cord with a 7075 aluminum tri-blade ground spike for a secure hold. The large clasp hook is a heavy duty all metal design that’s easy to use.
  • VERSATILE - You can use it to secure a winch line and even extend a winch line. Works great to anchor your vehicle when winching someone else too. Worried about rolling a side hill? Use it to support your vehicle from the side. Worried about going nose over on that down hill? Use it to anchor the rear of the vehicle on your decent. There’s no shortage of uses.   
  • EASY TO CARRY -  Clip it to itself and you can easily carry it around your wrist or around your radio. You can also clip it to a belt loop or even just throw it in your pocket. It’s big enough to work yet small enough that it’s not an inconvenience to carry.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - If our Kinetic Multi Anchor System lets you down in any way we will replace it.


Flying Object Warning: The hook is under tension and can recoil back towards the vehicle if the anchor point is not solid causing possible injury. Please keep away from children, or only allow them to use under adult supervision.