CBE RC Fab Shock Key

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CBE RC Fab Shock Keys give serious tuners the ability to easily adjust the shock position on the trail without removing any bolts, while helping to increase stability while the truck is flexed!

Originally developed for the SCX10, Shock Keys are compatible with a variety of applications. The design allows you to use a lift or droop setup, in either a single or dual shock configuration. The keys offer a total of 7 different shock mount holes, and by simply loosening 2 bolts you can adjust between 3 different height positions. The keys can be installed with the panhandle side facing either the front or rear, giving you 21 lift or 21 droop setup configurations! Made in the USA, ready to install and cut from stainless steel, if you are serious about tuning, these tabs are a must have addition to your arsenal. Package includes four shock keys.