152mm Leafed Rear Axle for CMAX

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This is the 152mm leafed version of the BowHouse RC NCYota axle using leaf and damper mounts designed specifically for the GCM Racing CMAX chassis.  The 152mm NCYota Axles use a hardware set based on the GCM Racing TM8 axles.  To complete your axle set, you will need to purchase a front axle housing, a rear axle housing, and two differential covers from Bowhouse Shapeways store

You will also need a TM8 hardware set from GCM Racing.  Hardware sets are available through (USA customers), JS Scale (EU customers), or the GCM Racing web site (Canada and international customers outside of the US and EU):

Please note that GCM Racing will be creating a hardware set specifically for the 152mm NCYota axles with shortened CVDs and straight rear axle shafts.  If GCM Racing is out of stock of the 152mm version, you can also purchase the standard TM8 hardware set and cut down the CVDs and rear axle shafts to fit these narrower axles.  If you have questions about the hardware set, please contact GCM Racing directly.