How to quickly swap out foams

How to quickly swap out foams

We all spend plenty of money and time installing wheels, tires, foams, rings, and scale doodads to our rc tiny trucks. But have you ever wanted to swap out foams on a rig that has 24 scale bolts per wheel that you probably used thread locker on?  Check out this quick video to see how I quickly swap out foams without taking off the front Beadlock ring  (Note this won't work on all wheel types)

Tires: Lockedup RC 1.9" OEV Wide SLW Lightweight

Front Ring: Lockedup RC 1.9" TrailReady Rock Ring Engraved Black

Rear Ring: Lockedup RC 1.9 Black Ring

Tire: Pitbull RC Braven Ironside (Discontinued)

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