6 Hour Endurance Event at Area 51, Trinity, NC

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6 Hour Endurance Event at Area 51, Trinity, NC

In conjunction with Area 51 crawling like to present the Scale endurance challenge.

This event will be for all classes of scale crawlers.
Where: Area 51 crawling (1440 Rosswood rd, Trinity NC
Date: February 29th 2020
Time: 8:00am

“The challenge” is to outlast your competition and make as many laps within the given time frame.

This will be a 6 hour event. All repairs, battery changes etc. will happen on the clock. Each lap is around a 1 mile trek on the given course.

There will be 3 classes running the same course at the same time.


Truck rules:
All trucks must be “scale appearing”
No short course bodies.
All electronics should be attempted to be hidden with the exception of axle mounted servo. Also batteries on twin hammers will be allowed to be visible.
Only items you are allowed to carry with you will be a wheel wrench and (1) extra battery pack. Any repairs will be made back at the pit area.

Class 1: ( stock ) any scale rig with tires 4.19” or smaller and uses c-channel chassis.

Class 2: (trail) any scale rig with tires 4.75” or smaller and uses c-channel, flat rail chassis, or tube chassis( 1.9 wraith, 1.9 bomber, etc.

Class 3: (modified )
any scale rig with tires 5.75”Or smaller and can use c-channel, flat rail, tube chassis, flat pan chassis(yeti,twin hammers,etc.),
or TVP (AX10, Losi night crawler,etc)


Cost is $10 per class. You will only be allowed to run one class as everyone will be running the same course at the same time. Lunch will not be provided and everyone should plan as such.

Drivers meeting will begin @8:00am and everyone should plan on being on course by 8:45. Depending on how many we have you may start course in smaller groups 5 to 10 min apart.


Facebook Event Information: https://www.facebook.com/events/2905513836135482/

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  • Anthony Foley

    Plan on attending with my son Patrick 10 yrs old but indeep to Crawling. He runs a GEN8 with axe motor and esc and other upgrades what class would that be?

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